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Build a sucessful career as a dancer, singer or actor!
We help performing artists to book more jobs in TV, Film, Advertisements, Theatres & Live Shows...
Our Showbiz Coaching has helped 100+ performing artists from all over the world to get more auditions, inquiries and bookings. Here are 3 more things clients love about the coaching:
  • Reliable System: Our step-by-step method was tested and refined globally. Check testimonials below!
    Accountability: Our coaching team and your new community of like-minded artists will insure that you really execute!
    Individuality: We adapt our approach to your strengths, goals and experiences. We help beginners but also well-known professionals!
Here are four stories from some of our hardworking, disciplined clients proofing you can achieve anything in the entertainment industry if you really want to.
 For more testimonials in full length feel free to check out our Podcast or our Instagram.
Elena Graf, professional Dancer
When Elena first came to us it was hard for her to get into the Swiss dance industry's inner circle and book jobs regularly.

Together we found her branding, improved her marketing material, made it easier to find her online, and increased her visibility drastically. When those strategies began working we taught her how to raise her fees as an artist. 

The first success didn´t take long... while still in the coaching, she got booked for a TV commercial through social media. Shortly after she landed a leading dance solo in a viral music video, followed by other amazing jobs.
For Mae Ann it was citical to develop an emergency plan during the pandemic since all of her musical shows got canceled out of nowhere. She already was well-known in her branch as she booked huge leading roles such as Princess Jasmin in Disney´s Aladdin.  

Together we decided to focus on TV and Advertisements, meaning building an on-camera career as a second income stream since there were still chances to get work in the media despite the covid-19 restrictions. We utilized her great acting skills and taught her how to stand out on casting platforms, how to win important partners and get renowned agency representation.

She got hired for a huge Facebook TV campaign, the supermarket chain EDEKA as well as German drugstore company DM to name just a few. All in all, she made it safe and sound through the pandemic while many other performers of course had major struggles.
Mae Ann Jorolan, Musical Actress
Irina x Niclas, Creative Producers
Irina and Niclas have been working as dancers and wanted to shift into choreography and production.

The key was to find the right offer and unique selling point that differentiated them from other competitors. Afterward, we set up a sales process and they officially launched their company IXN Productions.

Within the first few weeks we´ve got their first big project financed and they were able to to shoot some amazing short films.
Maria is a passionate actress from Hamburg. Like many artists, she put together all the bits and pieces she heard from other colleagues after her graduation. Most degree courses and programs don´t cover how to actually get jobs, they rather focus on the craft itself.

We taught Maria how to market herself, how to really understand her target groups like casters, producers and directors better, showed her where to meet them and created an individual, unique networking strategy to create lasting connections. Last but not least we set measurable to-do´s, held her accountable and improved the holistic strategy step-by-step.

As a team, we managed to raise her income, increase her casting flow, and gain her exclusive representation and she is about to quit her side hustle slowly working her way up!
Maria Moebius, Actress
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Get an insight into our method:

  • What we teach, e.g. Mindset, Market, Portfolio, Marketing, Agency and Audition Applications, Networking
  • How the coaching works: E-Learning Platform, Calls, WhatsApp Group, Community Events, etc. 
  • What results you can expect 
  • Who this is for
  • More about Alex's journey

How our mastermind calls look like:

  • Guest speakers from different professions (e.g. producers, directors, choreographers, agents, bookers, etc.)
  • Exchange among other participants
  • Questions & Answers
  • Personal Feedback

Full length testimonials:

 Alanah M. (Switzerland) - Has built connections to many choreographer sin Switzerland and is working as a freelancer on a regular basis.
Maria M. (Germany) - Signed by an exclusive agency, quit her side hustle, now full-time artist.
Noah S. (Germany) - Got multiple solo artist contracts on AIDA ships. With great payment and guest status.
About Alex Heimer
Our Founder & Head coach Alex Heimer

Alex Heimer started dancing at the late age of 15 after he saw the first step up movie back in the day. Coming from a competitive soccer background he then started to train in dance with the same intensity  - meaning 7 days a week for multiple hours. Even though he made good progress quickly it was not easy to get started in the industry. His young look, his non-existing network and having no representation were some big obstacles to overcome.

Today Alex is an international als choreographer and creative producer exclusively managed by YOU management in Germany, the UK and the USA. After his further education in NYC, LA and London he has had a successful career in the theatre world as well as in Film, TV & the commercial industry for 11 years now.

His clients involve Mercedes-Benz, Adidas and Haribo. Also, big TV Shows such as the Eurovision Song Contest, Let´s Dance and Germany's Got Talent rely on his expertise regularly.
His passion for the arts and culture got him to choreograph for theatres and a diverse range of musicals early on.

Nowadays Alex only does 3 - 4 big passion projects per year and some investments, to focus on consulting singers, dancers and actors. 
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How does the application process look like?

1. You apply for a free consultation.
We need a little bit of information about you so we can prepare ourselves for you. Please fill out the form that will open after clicking one of the buttons.
2. A team member
will call you.
To find out if and how we can help you, we now get to know echother personally and analyse your your situation individually.
3. Free Strategy Call.

Last but not least we will terminate a free strategy call to create a step-by-step plan with you. This is where we will show you how to get to the next level and afterwards you decide for or against a coaching.
Our Team

Founder & Headcoach
Alex is managing the Showbiz Coaching. He makes sure every participant is on track and constantly improves our methods.

He is always attending events to learn even more about online marketing, sales and networking. Though a lot of highprice coachings he eliminates bild spots and get new ideas, he is applying to the entertainment industry.

Marketing Consultant
Julien is a top-notch project manager and keeps our start up together. He organizes 24/7, doesn´t mind all the paper work and is an absolute high performer.

In Magdeburg he gained his masters degree in international business and truely appreciates the arts. He is most-likely watching more shows than all of us together.
Our office

We are based in the north-east of Hamburg, Germany but operate internationally. Even if we meet our clients mostly online we always appreciate when they come by for a coffee

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